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This is a time of transition for OrganicVoices. For over twenty years, we have attended & recorded presentations from many Organic farming pioneers. The wealth of information has been life changing. But life moves on and we are at a point in life where we must pass the “organic scribe” duties on to someone younger. Fortunately, we have met many outstanding people along the way. We are discussing how to make this transition seamless and smooth. We believe & offer the best solutions to providing a continuing source of the oral tradition in Organic Agriculture. There is magic in the human voice. Acres & MOSES are both firmly committed to preserving those voices!

This conference season, we are devoting our efforts to converting many of the earlier conferences from audio cassette to digital format. There were some amazing workshops presented in the early years of Organic conferences. Our belief in ideas as life changing events is absolute. How much difference does an idea make? The answer will ALWAYS be “ALL THE DIFFERENCE.” The idea you miss won’t help you.

We live in a very exciting time. Technology has placed at our finger tips a mountain of knowledge. But we must make the effort to take that knowledge into our lives. Smart phones, MP3 players, even CD walkmen that play MP3 give us the ability to listen & learn as we are working in the field, hoop house or riding in our vehicle or tractor. Continuous learning is a stimulus to success. Experts tell us that ideas trigger new ideas & innovations. There is a But (and it is huge). And that But is “but you must listen to those ideas.” The good news about the human brain is that you don’t need to concentrate on listening. You can just let it play over & over again and the brain will absorb it. It’s almost like background music playing. Let the recordings of the Organic Conferences be your background music for a month or two this next year. And then you be the judge of the impact on your life.

If you would like to talk to someone about scheduling an event for recording, please contact Mark Reinhardt at Rhino Technologies, as they are well equipped to handle events the same as Organic Voices has for years.  Rhino has been doing it for over 14 years, and will be happy to talk to you about your event.  Their phone is 270-753-0717 and their email is SERVICES@RHINO-TECHNOLOGIES.COM
Just a quick update on the digital OrganicVoices project. (Converting cassette tapes to digital). I have  asked our daughter, Colleen, to help. I am an analog mind trying to become digital.

Would you like a digital copy of some or all of the conferences OrganicVoices has recorded? Give us a call at 952-432-3079. We can send you all or part. The whole OrganicVoices Cloud would be on an external harddrive, probably 1T capacity. The recordings would be about 250 Gigs so ther would be space on the external harddrive for some of you personal files. This may seem vague but I am still working on the project.

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